About Herring Homes

Herring Homes

Founded in 2003 by Brian Herring and family, Herring Homes has always taken great pride in being grounded in the fundamentals of the business to ensure they live up to the guiding principles of integrity, quality and dedication.

Some of those principles are even on display in our logo design. The “H” represents our name, Herring Homes, and putting your name on something means you had better do it right by providing a high-quality product! The plumb bob underneath depicts the other two distinct core principles of dedication and integrity.

As a graduate of the Construction Management program at East Carolina University, Brian learned the history, importance, and evolution of the industry so as to apply it today in a manner that respects the past, but embraces the changes of more modern methods and techniques. Brian is a 3rd generation industry professional. Being dedicated like his grandfather that was a brick mason that used tools such as the plumb bob and his father that has both built and sold homes for many years, Brian’s over 20 years in the industry has provided a wealth of knowledge that he works diligently to apply to every aspect of the building process to ensure a positive and enjoyable process for all involved.

Last, but certainly not least is that a plumb bob’s weight and tip allow for a straight and true line in which to work. Being straightforward and truthful is the essence of integrity. We’ll always strive to be upfront and honest in all aspects of the business with everyone we encounter.

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